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Entry #2

I've submitted something else!

2014-07-08 23:45:48 by JimJamJimmay

To whom it may concern (which, again, is probably no one, but hey, I like hearing myself talk... type? Anyway.),

Only a year after my last (and only) post, I've submitted something else!

I feel like my activity on Newgrounds is usually a pretty valid indicator of how much free time I've got. If I start collecting medals, then I've got a little time to spare. If I write a review or a forum post, I'm probably looking to kill some time. If I actually upload anything, then it means I've got more free time than I've had in years and I'm rejoicing in it.

Which is what's happened here!

For the first time in like two years I've actually got some free time, and in an attempt to make the most of it (and overcome the creative block that inevitably comes with free time) I quickly threw another bit of pixel art together today. It's not particularly amazing, and I don't think it's quite as good as the other two pictures I've submitted (which I don't think are particularly amazing themselves), but it was more for me to get the creative juices flowing than anything else, and I'm pleased enough with how it came out to upload it on here. Hopefully more ideas will flow (and stick) before another year passes.

Anyway, that's it for now, person it may concern. Thanks for concerning yourself with this!


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